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★☆Achieved 4 million downloads! Thank you☆★ChickPusher is a game like the Coin Pusher!
Many chicks are in a cape. They are trying to ride on the nest at a tip. However, chicks do not have the courage which has crossed the cape. Then,Please lend your power.
【How to Play】If a screen is touched, a chick will fly. Please push out chickens to a cape front.
"Piyo Coin" can be got if it can fly from a tip. It is a source of the power of chickens.Moreover, a friend will be called if it goes into a nest.
If much "Piyo Coin" is collected, a new friend will come.
There is also a rare chicken in a friend.If the chick is put into a nest, it will become a bonus time full of chick.
Let's put many chickens into a nest.
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-------------------------------------- ■Recommend environment Galaxy S3NEXUS7HTC Desire HD
Android 2.3.1 or later ---------------------------------------